Mud Bay

Newspaper, signage

Mud Bay is a family owned chain of health oriented pet supply stores in Seattle. What sets them apart is they specialize in dogs and cats. No goldfish. No iguanas. No parakeets. Since they specialize, they know a lot about dogs and cats and how to keep them healthy. So we came up with a name for them. The Two-species specialists. We ran newspaper ads sharing some of this knowledge with the dog and cat owners of Seattle. Long copy newspaper ads in this day and age? Yes! We also carried the look, feel and personality of the advertising into the stores where the conversation about healthy dogs and cats could continue.

Agency: Uppercut Advertising, Seattle


These were some window graphics for the University Village Mud Bay store. They were renovating and wanted folks to know they were still open a few doors down in a temporary location.

Recruiting potential new Two-species specialists.