Mercury Charlie

Magazine campaign

In addition to being a couple of dedicated ad guys, my buddy, Cameron Day and I are also both total gearheads. So, when we had the chance to do a campaign for legendary customizer, Mercury Charlie based in Austin, Texas, we put the pedal to the metal and never looked back.

So, in a world where print is supposedly dead why did we go the route of… magazine ads?
Our target audience were folks with the desire (and the means) to have a high-end traditional custom or hot rod built for them by one of the true masters. In general, these guys tend to be older and are more likely to be found leafing through pages of a vintage issue of Hot Rod than checking their Instagram or TikTok accounts. The ads ran in The Rodder’s Journal, a quarterly publication with production values that would rival any coffee table art book. Come to think of it, that’s appropriate. After all, our campaign was about pieces of art. They just happen to ride on four wheels.

Agency: Ayriss Inc + SansJob Industries

Old School