Hewlett Packard

Photo printers, photo paper and inks

Your Best Shot Gallery

Integrated campaign, non-traditional, social, long form TV documentary and promotional DVD

First, a mix of everyday people and artists from around Portland, Oregon were chosen and given HP Photo Printers and photo paper that they could use to create their own photo based art. We then created a gallery space in a building downtown where each of them would display their finished work. As the space was being transformed, we kept it under wraps with the windows blocked off, with only a hint that some new art gallery was going to opened there.

We documented the progress of each artist as they brought their concepts to life. Across the board, they were surprised at just how high the quality of the finished prints really were.

As the time got closer to the artist’s work being displayed, we opened the gallery to the public. They were invited to bring in their digital cameras and thumb drives to print their own photos at a dedicated HP Photo Printer station. They were encouraged to put them up on a dedicated public wall in the center of the gallery. The gallery was already creating a buzz of excitement as more and more people came in to share in this experience.

When the gallery opened during Portland’s First Thursday Gallery Tour, it was a huge success. Hundreds of people came to experience the HP Your Best Shot Gallery.

We filmed everything and created a half-hour documentary of the artists and the opening. We also explained how HP Photo Printers, ink and photo paper are able to create such rich prints. HP also sent it out as a promotional DVD.

Mercifully for you, this video has been edited down to just five minutes.

Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, SF